Heine Fiber Optic 3.5V Handle - Rechargeable

  • Heine Standard Handle

  • 75

    Heine Short (Stubby) Handle

  • 75

    Heine Small (Compact-Penlight) Handle

  • 75

    Heine Angled Handle (Blade not included)

  • 75

HEINE F.O. laryngoscope handles with HEINE XHL® Xenon Halogen bulb technology for up to 40% more light. 

  • Double the capacity - up to 120min working time without recharging.
  • Lightweight and convenient.
  • No more memory effect. Full capacity whenever needed.
  • Powered by 3.5V rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with all handles to the ISO 7376 (green standard).
  • The Fiber Optic Angled Handle can be fitted with any HEINE Fiber Optic blade. The angle of the blade to the handle gives a significantly better view for intubation e.g. in cases of injury to the neck.  (Angled Handle does not come with blade)
  • Rechargeable Handles require the NT 300 Desktop Charger.

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Item Number Name+ Unit Price Select
40F00222942Heine Angled 3.5V F.O. Handle - Rechargeable1 EA$426.50
40F00222806Heine Small 3.5V F.O. Handle - Rechargeable1 EA$239.20
40F00222863Heine Standard 3.5V F.O. Handle - Rechargeable1 EA$336.70
40F00222414Heine Stubby 3.5V F.O. Handle - Rechargeable1 EA$278.00

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