Ohmeda Female Coupler Hose Barb

Ohmeda Female Coupler Hose Barb

Ohmeda-Style Female Coupler x 1/4" (or 5/16") Hose Barb

Bay Corporation

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Item Number Name+ Unit Price Select
24OHF-08-17Ohmeda Female x 1/4 HB: Carbon Dioxide1 EA$58.12
24OHF-16-17Ohmeda Female x 1/4 HB: Medical Air1 EA$42.27
24OHF-04-17Ohmeda Female x 1/4 HB: Nitrous Oxide1 EA$42.85
24OHF-24-17Ohmeda Female x 1/4 HB: Oxygen1 EA$41.98
24OHF-22-17Ohmeda Female x 1/4 HB: Vacuum1 EA$42.56
24OHF-EV-17Ohmeda Female x 1/4 HB: WAGD (EVAC)1 EA$50.03
24OHF-22-31Ohmeda Female x 5/16 HB: Vacuum1 EA$50.81
24OHF-EV-31Ohmeda Female x 5/16 HB: WAGD (EVAC)1 EA$50.03

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