iShieldz Screen Protectors

iShieldz Screen Protectors

Introducing iShieldz Antimicrobial Touch Screen Protection

Originally used to protect the leading edge of military helicoper blades from wear and tear, iShieldz is the next generation in screen protection systems.  Precision cut for a wide variety of medical monitors and devices, iShieldz screen protectors can be customized to fit virtually any screen or monitor in a health care facility.  iShieldz protectors offer incredible scratch resistance and the durability necessary to stand up to even the harshest conditions.  With incredible optical clarity, they provide a virtually invisible layer of screen protection, for everything from small hand held devices to large surgical monitors.

  • Antimicrobial Silver SealTM Protection that kills up to 99.99% of common microbes

  • Optically clear for incredible screen clarity

  • Engineered to last, and strong enough to withstand intense medical environments

  • Unrivaled scratch protection with self-healing technology

  • Precision cut for custom fits on a wide variety of hand held devices, touch screens, and surgical monitors

Contact AES to learn more about saving money on monitor screen replacement by installing iShieldz screen protectors.

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