Pediatric Face Mask - Scented

Pediatric Face Mask - Scented

King Systems has developed a line of colorful, scented pediatric anesthesia face masks, Sweet Dreams, designed to reduce patient anxiety, increase anesthesia delivery efficiency and improve comfort. These inflatable, latex-free face masks are produced in a variety of sizes to fit infants and children. The Sweet Dreams pediatric face masks create a positive anesthesia experience for clinicians and patients alike.

Benefits of King Systems’ Pediatric Breathing Face Masks


  • Pleasant, familiar scents relax pediatric patients (bubble gum and strawberry)
  • Fun, colorful cushions appeal to children (purple, pink and red)
  • Latex-free formulation limits allergic reactions
  • Round design and many sizes fit most infants, toddlers and children
  • Inflatable cushions and rounded edges offer optimal comfort
  • Supple cushion surface delivers a full face seal with minimal pressure

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