Ultra Clear Tru-Cuff Laryngeal Mask

Single use, Silicone Cuff/ PVC tube Laryngeal Mask with Tru – Cuff™ inflation device provides a cost savings to the provider by utilizing PVC in the Tube but maintaining a silicone cuff for improved patient comfort.

Sizes 1-6

Ultra Clear Features:

  • Single use laryngeal mask with 100% silicone cuff and PVC tube
  • Silicone cuff stays soft and flexible at any temperature, while remaining resistant to punctures and tearing
  • Anatomically correct cuff tip for proper fit and seal
  • Non fenestrated for easier insertion of diagnostic tools
  • All sizes available; neonate through large adult
  • Easy to identify size with color coded packaging
  • Latex and DEHP free

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Item Number Name+ Unit Price Select
1036210Ultra Clear Tru-Cuff: Size 1Box of 10$90.00
1036215Ultra Clear Tru-Cuff: Size 1.5Box of 10$90.00
1036320Ultra Clear Tru-Cuff: Size 2Box of 10$90.00
1036225Ultra Clear Tru-Cuff: Size 2.5Box of 10$90.00
1036230Ultra Clear Tru-Cuff: Size 3Box of 10$90.00
1036240Ultra Clear Tru-Cuff: Size 4Box of 10$90.00
1036250Ultra Clear Tru-Cuff: Size 5Box of 10$90.00
1036260Ultra Clear Tru-Cuff: Size 6:Box of 10$90.00

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