Disposable SpO2 Sensors - Nellcor Compatible

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Maxtec disposable sensors feature a unique pre-aligned design that ensures accurate sensor placement and sensor functionality.  The application tape maximizes patient comfort and allows for easy sensors repositioning.

Size Compatible/OEM Item Number 
Adult Nellcor D-25


Pediatric Nellcor D-20 99R119P02-020
Infant  Nellcor I-20 99R119P02-050
Neonate Nellcor N-25 99R119P02-060



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Item Number Name Unit+ Price Select
99R119P02-050SpO2 Sensors, Disp, Nellcor Comp, InfantBox of 24$216.00
99R119P02-060SpO2 Sensors, Disp, Nellcor Comp, NeonateBox of 24$216.00
99R119P02-010SpO2 Sensors, Disp, Nellcor Comp., AdultBox of 24$216.00
99R119P02-020SpO2 Sensors, Disp, Nellcor Comp., PediatricBox of 24$216.00

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